Week 20

I met with Lloyd Wilson around 9:00am at the house. He marked the location for the wall to be replaced. Poco Verde would be out soon to replace it. I had some questions about the rebar in the steps, and wok pot area. The steps were fine but the wok pot drawing he had did not show the 2 tier set up. Along the back wall is +12 then +6 for the wok pot fountain, and +6 for the planter pot behind the wok pot. We discussed wok pot bases. Bases are to be concrete decking material and Saltillo topped, with waterline tile face. The waterfall will be capped with decorative cap, due to cracking from block construction, and then stamped with Saltillo. Waterfall will be faced with waterline tile and random pattern. Waterline tile is to include random deco tile, same as waterfall face. Waterfall retaining wall rebar was placed in the wrong location, will be moved to the waterfall and not along the wok pots. Waterfall needs to be shotcreted so waterline tile can be added to face, but no waterfall has been made yet. I mentioned that no heater had been installed when the electricians were here. He marked the location for the heater near the pumps. He said the salt system, and fiber optics would be installed at a later date also. Passed electrical inspection on 8-12-05. The walkway from the patio to deck was still not in the drawing and resurfacing the patio was unclear. He noted both items. Expressed my dissatisfaction with the whole project and miscommunications between Paddock, their subs, and myself.

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