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Friday, September 30th, 2005

Deck was poured.

Week 27

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

Work on forming deck and wok pot areas.
9:00am Debbie Moles called to ask about progress. I told her that the framers had just left. I told her about the planter wall being stuccoed but still made of miscellaneous bricks. I also mentioned that the planter wall looked straight if you were really drunk. The pool heater still leaked, and the pump pads were still sunk in the dirt.
I did notice that the planter had been partially filled with dirt even though it had not been fully sealed. This raises future problems of water from the planter exiting thru the waterfall area.


Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

Work on forming deck and wok pot areas.


Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

Poco Verde continues to work on planter. Fiber optics conduit run, stubbed up on wrong side of wall.


Monday, September 26th, 2005

Poco Verde continues to work on planter.


Friday, September 23rd, 2005

I met with Lloyd Wilson at 9:30am. He marked out where the deck is supposed to end. He marked out the walkway from the patio to the deck, leaving 6” gaps on both sides of walkway, between patio and walkway, and walkway to deck. We discussed the back wall of planter. He also noticed it was not straight. He is going to have Poco Verde replace the wing wall made of ½ bricks, and the wall height should be 5” to match the existing wall. The opposite side wing wall will be deleted. Poco Verde will also fill the gaps in the blocks forming the planter. He also mentioned lowering the deck cap from 5” to 4” on the wok pot bases. I told him I would prefer leaving it at 5” to match the rest of the pool. He said the fiber optic people should be out Monday or Tuesday to sleeve. He also noted that none of the plumbing has been repaired as of yet. Debbie Moles called 11:05am, checking on how things are. She will call on Wednesday to check back.
12:00 noon Poco Verde was out to work on the wall and stucco. I told the one guy there that the wall needs to be even with the existing wall. He did not know this. I tried to explain that the wing wall they had put up was going to be redone, I don’t think he understood. Looking at the back planter wall you can see how it bows down in the center.

Week 26

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

8:00am I called Lloyd Wilson and told him the deck was formed too short, ending before it reached the fireplace extension of the house. He said they go from scale and he would be out to take a look.
9:00am Debbie Moles called to let me know that the fiber optics will be in by Tuesday. I told her also about the 4’ walkway missing, deck short, planter back wall short in height and length, and the planter not sealed enough to keep water from leaching into the pool. She said she would get with Lloyd and let me know.
9:20am Debbie called to say Lloyd would try and be out this afternoon.


Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

Called Lloyd Wilson at 7:15am and told him about the waterfall/wall concerns. He said he would come by and look at it. He came by about 9:30am.
At 9:10am Mike with Poco Verde called and left a message that they would not be out today due to a funeral.
Debbie Moles called at 11:22am and said that they would come by and form the deck today and pour on Monday. My wife told her she may need to talk with Lloyd first.
1:00pm a crew arrived to grade the deck area. They formed deck area short. Per plan shows deck out to the edge of the fireplace so that the security gate would bolt to the house. Deck stops in the middle of a window as framed now. Sidewalk from deck to existing patio was not framed as discussed on August 15, 2005. It was not listed on their plan.


Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

Poco Verde stuccoes part of the waterfall. No block work done.
Waterfall only measures 32 inches, not the 36 inches called for in the plan. Back wall of the waterfall measures only 4’, 5’ is per plan, might not be done yet.

Did they Show Up?

Monday, September 19th, 2005

Poco Verde worked on waterfall. I have several concerns about the waterfall/planter. First are all the gaps in the block. It is a planter full of dirt and will be irrigated. This will leak out into the stucco exterior. Second, looking at the back of the waterfall, it seems to be sagging in the middle. I checked level and it is off. Third is the stacking of the block. The block on the side of the planter is not staggered in some areas, leaving a weak area in the retaining wall. Since dirt and plants will be above the weak area, I see a potential failure in the future.

Nancy Graham at Paddock called to see if Poco had shown up today. They did this afternoon but when I looked out at 2pm they were gone.
Nancy is going to be gone the rest of the week so Debbie Moles will be following up on this for her. Poco is supposed to finish this week with the water features so that the deck can be poured on the 26th. But that can’t happen unless Poco finishes. Debbie will be checking in mid week to make sure Poco is showing up.


Friday, September 16th, 2005

Jillian called to inform us that the pool has been released for decking.

Week 25

Thursday, September 15th, 2005

Poco Verde worked on waterfall.

936 hours late

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

Poco Verde completed backyard wall, only 936 hours late from the time promised. They started on the waterfall feature. I noticed they did not continue the rear of the waterfall from existing back wall as shown in the overview picture and discussed on September 13, 2005 with Craig and Lloyd.


Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

I met with Lloyd Wilson at 8:15am. I showed him the sinking pumps, missing planter foundation, and leaking heater. He would have someone out to fix the heater and see if they can level the pumps. He said Poco Verde would be out today to start on the wall. Poco would paint the wall because they were using standard bricks. He painted where the back planter wall would be located. The fiber optic people came by to look over the project. They will run their conduit, and then after all is done, set the illuminator and controls.
12:00pm, met with Craig from Poco Verde. We discussed painting the wall to match the house since it needed to be painted anyway. They started digging the foundation for the wall and removal of the unneeded foundation already poured. We went over the placement of the rear wall for the planter. The 5’ tall wall meets the existing back wall and extends past the planter, centering the 3’ planter. I gave him a copy of the overview picture. He said they should have the backyard wall done today or tomorrow securing the backyard.


Monday, September 12th, 2005

At 1:30, Bob from Poco called my wife. He said that they can’t find matching bricks for the fence. She told him that he would have to talk with David on his cell number about that.
At 2:00, Nancy Graham from Paddock called. She was returning David’s call from last week. She had talked with Bob about the fence and was told that they would be out tomorrow to start work on the fence, the water fall and the water pot walls. She wasn’t sure how long that would take to complete. But that we couldn’t do any additional work until it was completed. She thought that the fiber optics would be next and then the cool decking and tile.
She then called Lloyd to confirm that Poco was starting tomorrow. Lloyd and Bob are supposed to meet at our house tomorrow to go over the work one more time.
She will call me on Friday to check on the progress.

1:40pm Bob Owens called to inform me that the block would not match the old wall. He said they could get a block that closely matches or paint it to match if needed. I told him that would be fine. He said that he was told that some of the footings were incorrectly poured. He also stated that they would be out on Tuesday to meet with Lloyd Wilson and make sure of the wall and water feature placement. I mentioned that I had been told the wall would have been done much sooner. He said the paperwork was received only a month or so ago and they usually wait till the pool is poured.


Saturday, September 10th, 2005

10am. Heater was installed. Showed the installer where the pumps foundations were sinking and putting pressure on the pipes. He said he would let his boss know. Noticed water leaking from heater base around 4pm. Plumbing from heater to filter and pumps looks to be under stress, not straight out but forced into place, to fit existing pipe layout.

Week 24

Friday, September 9th, 2005

9:10am Called Nancy Graham – quality assurance. I left a message about the wall never being completed.
9:20am Called Lloyd Wilson and asked when Poco Verde was going to complete wall. He said he had tried to contact Mike Stevens to meet with them and make sure everyone was on the same page. He would call them again and find out when they would complete the wall.


Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

6:00am. American Shotcrete arrived to shotcrete pool. Hoses ran from street thru front yard to back, entering thru south side of yard. Completed around 11:00am. Front yard torn up from pumping hose. I guess the 8’ RV entrance was too much trouble, didn’t want green grass anyway. Childs play pool full of wet cement left on north side of house, in RV drive.
10:30am. Tammy called and said to water the pool 3 times a day, plus needs next payment.
$17,626.20 Paid to main office in person.


Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

Shirley called for Tammy to let us know they will be here at 7:30am to shotcrete.

Week 23

Thursday, September 1st, 2005

9:00am. Lloyd Wilson called about the walls. He said he would talk to Poco Verde.


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