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Week 53: One Year and Counting

Friday, March 31st, 2006

Debbie Moles called and said that she set up a meeting for me at 12:30 with Scott Dilliam and possibly Gene from warranty. She said they plan to drain the pool on Tuesday so they can acid wash and re-grout the water line tile. I reminded her that in the town of Gilbert you need a permission to drain a pool. As per Gilbert from “The Town of Gilbert does not have a permitting process for swimming pool discharge. However, you still need to obtain approval by calling the Town of Gilbert Wastewater Section at (480) 503-6400.”
DSC00176The electricians came out and moved the ozone generator from the electrical conduit to the block wall where it will be more secure.
Scott Dilliam stopped by and I explained to him my total dissatisfaction with the way the project was going. It should not have been a complicated job. The pool and all the options were taken from their showroom pools. I told him I would no longer have any communication with paddock Pools until the job is finished. The time it is taking to complete this pool is a joke. He said he was not there to refute the claims and that everything would be taken care of as soon as possible.
I e-mailed this letter to , , , , and .

Dear Sir,

I was hoping to have a pool for my family finished by last summer. So far I am very disappointed in the service that I have received. It is now in the 53rd week and after one year; I still have no pool to swim in. I have been extremely patient and have tried to work with Paddock Pools to complete this project. After many months of anguish, I have come to the realization that this pool may not be completed by this swimming season again. The biggest problem that has been plaguing this job from the beginning is that someone will come out and look over a problem and then do nothing to fix it in a timely manner. Several promised completion dates have come and gone. I have no more patience with Paddock Pools. I have been told the delays are due to the exploding construction in the Phoenix area. I do not care that Paddock Pools has other jobs. If the other jobs are more than a year out, then they may have precedence over mine and are welcome to complete those first. If there are no other jobs more than a year out, than mine must be considered a top priority and completed first. If Paddock is incapable of finishing this job, then I need to know so that I can make arrangements to have the pool finished by another qualified contractor at Paddock Pools expense.

The superintendent should already be aware of all the unfinished items. At this time there are several things not complete with the pool that I am aware of.

Things that are yet to be completed:
1. Stucco lifting from waterfall wall.
2. Color wheels not able to change separately.
3. Fiber optic controller not on remote and change color wheel separately.
4. Grout on water line tile.
5. Concrete riser for wok pot # 3 fiber optics not finished.
6. Wok pot lines plugged and do not spray correctly.
7. Diving board set crooked.
8. Gauge for waterfall pump broken.
9. Water leak at Jandy valve for one of the wok pots.
10. Deck lifting in deep end house side.
11. Refill planter with dirt.
12. Paint back wall pillion caps.
13. Stains and chips on deck.

The main reason I chose Paddock Pools was that I did not want to be the superintendent of the project. I was under the impression that Paddock Pools was the best pool builder in the Valley and would not need my daily supervision while under construction. After many months of daily communications with very little progress, I will no longer be in communication with Paddock Pools until this project is complete and they are ready to turn over the pool to me. At that time, a representative for me or I will inspect the pool and either accept or reject it.

This has been an extremely stressful year. The errors made during construction and poor management of this project has turned what should have been an exciting addition to our family life into a nightmare. My wife no longer wishes to talk, hear, or look at the pool until it is complete. I spent extra money to have a heater so we would be able to swim over the winter months as promised but my pool is still not completed. As you can probably tell, I am a little upset about the way this is turning out. What in your opinion should I do next?

A full detailed explanation of this project can be read at my website .

I received a reply from E. Ghiz stating he will give me a drop dead deadline on Monday.


Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Called and left a message for Debbie Moles. She returned my call and set up a meeting with Scott for Friday.

Sanded Stains

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
DSC00170They came out and sanded the stains in the plaster. He said the only way to get the dirt out is to dig it out then patch it, but then you would see the patches.

I found that the deck in the deep end closest to the house is lifting. A gap has formed between the deck and waterline tile.


Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Cody cleaned out the main drain. Plaster and junk was stuck down in the pipe. He said there was still some suction from the side safety drain but that may be normal.
A company looked at the crooked diving board. He said it did not look like they would have to tear out the deck to straighten it.
I talked with Fiberstars about getting the lights to sync. They replied that with the X-10 remote you can have synced or independent but not both. I guess I will have to live with independent lighting for now. So this narrows the list down by eliminating # 2, # 4, # 6.
Spoke with fiber optic people about the fiber on wok pot # 3 being in conduit. With the bends at 90 degrees, they would not be able to pull them out if they needed to repair them anyways. So the verdict for that one is it doesn’t matter if it is in conduit, future repairs will just mean rebuilding wok pot bases.

Glue Job

Monday, March 27th, 2006

DSC00159Fiber optics under waterfall glued in. Looks like a glue job. I will have to rebuild the top of the wall so it has a cantilever edge like the rest of the pool to hide the sheer. I don’t trust Poco Verde to try and fix it. The fiber optic controller is not only the wrong one but was not installed per manufacturer’s instructions. It was placed below the water line of the wok pots, possibly allowing the water to flow from the wok pots back into the controller, shorting it out. He said that he would let the office know about the plugged wok pot bubblers. Also they need to have the electrician come out and wire the controller into the remote. The Jazz lights no longer sync.
DSC00164Person came by to fix the pool stains. Stains, also known as perma-dirt, are still visible. Rust spot near waterfall, several streaks down the sides of the pool where the water line tile bled down. Plaster has dirt embedded in it throughout the surface. They plastered it right before a dust storm.
Cody called and said he could not make it today, still no air for his tank. The main drain remains plugged.
I found where the stucco on the waterfall is separating from the wall. A crack has formed where the tile meets the stucco and is lifting away from the wall on both sides.
This week’s list:
1. Stucco lifting from waterfall wall.
2. Lighting color wheels won’t sync.
3. Color wheels not able to change separately.
4. Pool lighting will not sync with fiber optic lighting.
5. Fiber optic controller not on remote.
6. Fiber optic controller not an auto-sync.
7. Stains in plaster.
8. Stains and chips on deck.
9. Grout on water level tile.
10. No conduit in concrete riser for wok pot # 3 fiber optics.
11. Wok pot lines plugged and do not spray correctly.
12. Diving board set crooked.
13. Gauges for cleaning system rusted.
14. Gauges for pumps broken.
15. Main drain plugged.
16. Water leak at Jandy valve for one of the wok pots.
17. U/V, Salt controller, timer, mounting poles falling down.


Sunday, March 26th, 2006

Nobody showed up this weekend to work as promised.


Friday, March 24th, 2006

DSC00142The electrician was out and wired the pool lights. He replaced the F/X light with Jazz lights. They can now be turned off and on separately, but the colors have to be the same.
Cody was out and fixed the cleaning system, replaced two gauges, and tried to clear out the main drain. He will be back on Monday to pull the main drain and clean out the line that is plugged.
DSC00144Scott Dilliam came out to look over the progress. I showed him where the fiber optics is still not in conduit. I explained that the lights not being able to operate in sync or independently will be a problem. Fiberstars, the maker of Jazz Lights and the fiber optic system, has a controller that will operate the lights in sync and separate. He said if it could be done he will do it. Fiberstars offers a WPC-3 system that will control their lights and the pumps.
DSC00149Salt system added into pool plumbing. 19 bags of salt added to pool. They hung the controller for the salt system on the small electric conduit that the ozone generator, radio remote, and electrical service is hung on, causing the whole thing to sway in the breeze. Another thing I will have to fix.
Debbie Moles called and said that the fiber optics was done. I told her I had not seen anyone but would look. She called back and said they would be out today. Fiber optic controller, 6004, was placed and turned on. Debbie called and said that they would be back to finish the waterfall fiber optics on Saturday. Wok pot pipes are still blocked with dirt. Wok pot pipes were cut down so they did not stick up out of the pots. The light controller is not an auto sync version as discussed on many occasions. Maybe they will figure it out on their own this time.

Week 52

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

While checking the chemical balance and trying to clean up the dirt on the bottom, about 2 hours, I noticed that if I turn on just the shallow end skimmer, the pump sucks air and runs dry. Checked skimmer and it does have water in it. Also air in the line if I choose main drain only, but does not run the pump dry. The PCC 2000, a.k.a. Piece Crap Cleaning 2000 system, is still not clearing the dirt up and now makes lots of noise.
Debbie Moles called and said the electricians will be out on Friday to replace the lights with the Jazz lights. Cody will be out to fix the gauges, cleaning system, and check on the air in the system. Scott will try and straiten out the diving board.


Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Scott Dilliam was out to look at the cleaning system. I showed him the air bubbles coming out of the cleaning nozzles on the bottom of the pool. He said that was fine. The cleaning system is still not working. I mentioned that the auto fill was still running, and he said that he had raised the level of the water so it was just filling to catch up.
Debbie Moles called, she was under the impression that the lights were done. I also reminded her that if they have to acid wash the plaster, it would set back the installation of the salt system. She said she will contact the electricians, Terry with orientation, and Scott Dilliam in the morning and find out where we are at. I again stressed how important that we not go past the one year mark on this pool.


Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

The electrician changed out the light in the deep end to an F/X light, but the diver did not show so he could not change the light under the waterfall. He needs to re-schedule to a later date.
Prado and Sons showed up to look at the stains in the plaster. They said it needs to be acid washed. They will try for the end of the week or early next week.


Monday, March 20th, 2006

Tile was cut below the water sheer to allow fiber optic placement. Electrician called, they will be out at 7:30am to change both pool lights.


Friday, March 17th, 2006

The electrician repaired the incorrectly wired pumps. He also said that the pool lights were also wired wrong and he fixed that also. He said they also installed the wrong lights in the pool. The color wheels can not be synced together, only one light has the auto sync feature the other light is a standard light. While checking his paperwork he also noted that they had installed Jazz lights, his paper calls for F/X lights. The F/X is a lower output lamp, and on a pool this size why lower output lamp? My contract states Jazz lights. So he needs to call and have a diver come out and replace the lights with the correct ones. They will not be able to operate the lights independently of each other the way they are wired and he doesn’t know if they will be able to sync colors with the fiber optics. According to Fiberstars,, all their lighting should be able to sync with each other assuming you get the right ones.
Jesse with Poco Verde called and said they are not able to seal the wok pots till the fiber optics are done in the pots.
Paddock came by to touch up the chips, stains, and cracks. He looked over the deck and said that he could do the repairs but since the construction was not finished, as he was told, he wanted to wait. He said that he would need to pressure wash and repaint the whole deck. I agreed that we need to wait because they still need to move rock and dirt across the deck.
Prado and Sons Plaster called and will be out on Tuesday to look over the stains in the plaster.
Water level down over 1/2″ since I turned off auto leveler. Pumps did not run all last night because the U/V system was installed.
Called Debbie and left another message.
Debbie Moles called and I gave her the list of things yet to be done. She was under the impression it was complete. She is going to schedule the electricians to figure out the lighting, fiber optic people, Poco Verde to seal the wok pots, Allen Tile to clean up the tile, the deck cleanup, and the plasterer to fix the stains. I am going to give them till the end of March to finish the project, at that time I will have no further contact with them.

Week 51

Thursday, March 16th, 2006

Poco Verde is attempting to seal the wok pots to keep them from leaking. Todd came out for orientation meeting. He couldn’t get color wheels on lights to work correctly either. Chlorine levels at 0.5 and ph at 8.4. He advised on brushing the pool 3 times a day for the first 14 days. Clean the cartridge filters every 3 months.
Today’s list of concerns:
1. PCC2000 cleaning system won’t cycle.
2. Lighting color wheels won’t cycle.
3. Color wheels not able to change separately.
4. Pool lighting will not sync with fiber optic lighting.
5. Pumps on wrong timers/remote.
6. Stains in plaster.
7. Stains and chips on deck.
8. Fiber optics not working. No illuminator
9. Waterfall lighting not in.
10. No conduit in concrete riser for wok pot # 3 fiber optics.
11. Wok pot lines plugged and do not spray correctly.
12. Wok pot bubbler pipes stick up over pots.
13. Diving board set crooked.
14. Gauges for cleaning system broken.
15. Gauges for pumps broken.
16. Dirt in deep end can not make it to the main drain. PCC2000 spraying over the top of main drain, keeping debris from making it to the drain.
Called and left message for Debbie to call me. She will be out till Friday. UV system was installed and plumbed into the filter.

Fiber Optics

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

Fiber optic people were out today. Only thing done was to put wok pot 3’s wire inside conduit. The conduit does not continue where they are going to pour concrete. The wires will be inside the concrete wok pot base. They left the conduit running above ground behind the wok pot bases. The waterfall lighting is lying on top of the waterfall. The PCC2000 automatic cleaning system has failed already. Only half the heads work and even they are pointed in the wrong directions. I believe there is a leak somewhere because the auto water leveler is still running. I shut it off to see how much the water goes down.


Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Debbie Moles called and asked if I would mark all the areas that need repair in the deck. She said they would be out Thursday or Friday or Monday or Tuesday to fix it. The plaster stains would be looked at and the diver will try to get them out. The start up crew placed the PCC cleaning heads into the pool. Added skimmer baskets and flow nozzles. Wok pots #2 and 3 has something in the line and does not flow correctly. The plug is before the fiber optics, so they can’t blow it out. They left the remote for the water features and lights with me. The color wheels on the lights do not work or are missing.

No Show

Monday, March 13th, 2006

Start up people could not make it today. Paddock tech started filter and checked pumps. 2 pumps wired incorrectly, he will have the electricians out to fix them. Waterfall output was not what I expected. It throws only about a foot out from the wall. He added chlorine and acid to the pool. He said the start up people should be out tomorrow to place the cleaning jets and all the nozzles. He said to brush it today and none tomorrow so the set up guy can set the cleaners. I brushed to pool down twice the first time. I noticed several stains in the plaster along the wok pot side.
Thursday 03-16-2006 pool orientation.
Friday 03-24-2006 the salt system will be added.


Sunday, March 12th, 2006

Pool is now full of water. Also full of dirt, leaves, and anything else that got blown around. We haven’t had rain or a dust storm in a long time, and the first time we put water in the pool, we get both.
I filled the wok pots to check and see if there are any leaks. The 2 middle pots leak at their bases.


Saturday, March 11th, 2006

After 143 days we now have rain.


Friday, March 10th, 2006

Interior of pool applied. White 3M Quartz Aggregate applied. Filling pool with water.
Debbie Moles called and said that the pool startup crew would be out on Monday. Fiber optic people would be out on Tuesday or Wednesday. And the deck would be touched up on Thursday or Friday.
Stacey called and said she is having a tech come out Monday to start the equipment. The salt system will be installed in a week or so.

Week 50

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

$4875.40 final payment picked up. Poco Verde re-hung equipment gate.

Paint Waterfall

Wednesday, March 8th, 2006

Poco Verde painted the waterfall and set the caps on the exterior wall. I made the 3rd payment of $17,626.20 and handed them the addendum at their main office. Debbie Moles called to let me know that they are going to plaster on Friday and she needs the final payment before then. She will have Scott stop by to pick it up.

Plastered on Friday

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

Debbie Moles called and said that the pool will be plastered on Friday. I told her that the date on the addendum had to be changed to 03-03-2006, the date I received it. I also told her that the waterfall and wall caps have yet to be painted.


Monday, March 6th, 2006

Poco Verde worked on waterfall and capped the front wall. They have yet to paint the waterfall front and wall caps. Debbie Moles faxed me a contract addendum verifying all work has been completed to this point. The addendum #74104 dated 02-23-2006 states:

The following issues have been fully completed and repaired to my full satisfaction.

1. The 3 walls rebuilt per original plan. (2 side walls and 1 back wall).
2. Risers behind wok pots concrete line repaired. Expansion joints filled.
3. Pipes for wok pots bubbler system centered in pots.
4. Planter wall rebuilt with rebar for extra strength.
5. Front fence rebuilt and painted.
Kooldeck touch up and fiber optic lighting will be completed after the interior finish is completed.

She is asking me to sign this so they can continue with the finish of the pool. I told her that they have yet to paint the waterfall wall and repair the Kooldeck, e-mail picture I sent her on February 22, 2006, at the water tile line. If they finish the interior they will have to paint at the waterline with water in the pool. She said she would call Scott and ask him about it.

Personal note: The date on the addendum is false. I received this addendum today. They have not completed the work stated. The 3 walls were rebuilt but the waterfall face, the 4th wall, has yet to be painted. The concrete lines have been repaired; they were never expansion joints, just poor workmanship. The risers are centered in the pots but the 3rd pot bubbler water line is kinked. Unknown if they will even work right. The planter wall was rebuilt with rebar, finally a true statement. The front fence is now been rebuilt to code but the rebar was just cut from the top so the caps could be placed onto it. Caps have not been painted yet. Their wording in the addendum is correct but not accurate.


Saturday, March 4th, 2006

Poco Verde worked on waterfall.


Friday, March 3rd, 2006

Debbie Moles called and said that Poco Verde will be out on Saturday to fix the cracks in the waterfall and cap the outside wall. She wants me to sign an addendum stating that they can continue with finishing the pool. She will fax it to me today. She will schedule the pool to start on the interior finish for Tuesday. I told her that I was no expert on pools and the addendum she is asking to be signed assumes that I take responsibility for its construction. She said that it is just for them to be sure I am satisfied with the pools construction at this time. I told her I would read thru it and then decide my next course of action.

Week 49

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

Repaired hose bib next to pool. Debbie Moles called to check on hose bib. It was the hold up for the past 2 weeks. I explained to her my frustration again. In 2 weeks, just some paint and a hose bib.


Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

Debbie Moles called and left a message asking how things were going. I called and left a message that nothing was going.


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