Week 56:

Complaint filed with Arizona Registrar of Contractors.
On March 31, 2005 I contracted for a custom pool with Paddock Pools. It is now April 19, 2006 and they have yet to complete the pool.
I was forced to file a complaint with the R.O.C. on December 21, 2005 due to poor construction and they promised if I rescinded the complaint the pool would be completed shortly after February 15, 2006. I pulled the complaint and most of the items have been repaired.
Currently there are several items yet to finish.
1. Custom waterfall face stucco cracking. Many stucco patches to cover existing cracks. Stucco wall face looks poor, mismatched, and uneven.
2. Color wheels on main pool lighting not able to change separately by remote.
3. Fiber optic controller not on remote and color wheel not able to change separately by remote.
4. Gauge for waterfall pump not working. Explained – OK
5. Water leak at Jandy valve for one of the wok pot fountains.
6. Stains, paint and chips on pool deck.
7. Cleaning system not working correctly and plugged with construction material.
8. Fiber optic lines falling out of waterfall.
9. Wok pot water lines can be seen (pipes above nozzles)
10. Stains in pool plaster.
11. Concrete riser for wok pot # 3 not finished.
12. White spacers made from scrap pipe holding wok pots level. Needed?
Other problems keep arising as construction continues.

The pool was promised to be complete by April 19, 2006 by Edward Ghiz, Sr. Vice President, Construction Division.
I have a custom waterfall that has had to be rebuilt numerous times due to poor construction and was just refinished again this week. The waterfall face is just cosmetically poor due to mismatched stucco and with no cantilever edge to hide the sheer and fiber optics.
I feel the time it has taken to build this pool is way beyond a reasonable amount. I have made several concessions to try and expedite the work.

I would just like them to finish the work as promised with the quality and workmanship expected from Paddock Pools Construction Co.

DSC00262Ron with Paddock came out to start draining the pool. He also said that he would try and hide the pipes sticking out of the wok pots.
Paddock Pools, pool deck people came out to resurface the wok pot riser. He said he could texture it today and paint next week. Then when all the other work is done paint the entire deck and repair all the chips.

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