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Drain Plugged

Monday, April 27th, 2009

The main drain is clogged up. I attempted to clean out the main drain that has plugged with leaves. Due to the use of security screws holding the lid on it I am unable to get to the drain pipe to free up the clog. Will have to have either Paddock or a pool service come out and remove the security screws.
The chlorinator and ozone generators have both failed. The deep end light also trips the GFI outlet.

Called and left message for Paddock Pools.

Crystal returned my call 2 hours later and informed me that nothing was covered under warranty and the would have to charge me to repair the equipment. The warranty only covers the filter, pumps and the pool structure itself.

I will have a different service come out to fix the drain.

I am real glad I chose the 5 year warranty. Where else can you pay for nothing.


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