SWG Repair

After calling Hayward, who builds the Aqua Rite, and performing some tests they said it was defective. It was still under their two year warranty so they gave me the name of a service that could replace it.
Watertec came out and replaced the unit in no time. The old unit showed the salt level at 1400 where the new unit shows I have too much at 4200.
So now I need to drain off some water and replace it with fresh.

SWG Problem?

I went out to check the chlorine and acid levels and noticed the chlorine was low. The SWG said that it had switched to low output due to low salt level. I checked the salt level and it is at 3600, well within the operating range of the cell. I pulled the cell and cleaned it again, it was a little plugged up but not badly. Reinstalled the cell and it now works again but it only shows 2900 for the salt level. Might have to contact the manufacturer and find out how to recalibrate the cell or have it replaced.

Clean Filters

The cartridge filters needed cleaning again. I pulled them out and soaked them in cleaner for a day. Then rinsed them out and reinstalled them. Operating pressure dropped back to 20psi. While I had them out I also cleaned the SWG again.
I am looking to add a sand filter before the cartridge filters to preclean the water before it hits the cartridge filters. The cartridges are about $110.00 each, and I need 4 of them when they need replacing. They only last about 4 years, and one set of mine are about due for replacing. My thought is a sand filter will stop most of the big stuff and the cartridges can just take out the small stuff, extending their life.

SWG Cleaning

I cleaned the SWG today. The 3 month cleaning was needed. It had already plugged up with calcium. A dip in pool acid mixed with water cleaned it right back up. Reinstalled it and it is back to generating chlorine.

Leaf Screen

The screen for the in ground leaf basket ripped. I found a replacement for $60.00 or I could replace the nylon net with a hard plastic basket for $90.00. I was told by the local pool supply store that the plastic basket should last much longer than the net.

I also checked the light in the deep end. It has died again. This time it is not shorting out, just no light.

The plastic basket is for a different leaf basket. It seems Paddock uses an odd size that can only be replaced by another nylon net. So I had to order the net style.


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