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My Paddock Pool Sucks » Complaints

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Drain Plugged

Monday, April 27th, 2009

The main drain is clogged up. I attempted to clean out the main drain that has plugged with leaves. Due to the use of security screws holding the lid on it I am unable to get to the drain pipe to free up the clog. Will have to have either Paddock or a pool service come out and remove the security screws.
The chlorinator and ozone generators have both failed. The deep end light also trips the GFI outlet.

Called and left message for Paddock Pools.

Crystal returned my call 2 hours later and informed me that nothing was covered under warranty and the would have to charge me to repair the equipment. The warranty only covers the filter, pumps and the pool structure itself.

I will have a different service come out to fix the drain.

I am real glad I chose the 5 year warranty. Where else can you pay for nothing.

ECOmatic Not Covered

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Paddock came out and replaced the o-ring for the cleaning system. He will return to fix the filter leak, he did not have the parts needed to fix it. The Jandy valve was also repaired. Loss of prime was due to the cover on the pump basket not being tight enough and allowing air into the system.

The ECOmatic saltwater system and ozone generator are only covered for the first 2 years, so they were not repaired.
I have not been able to find a supplier for the seals needed to repair the ECOmatic system yet. I will try and contact them directly and see if they will sell me the parts needed to repair it.
The ozone generator will probably be removed from the system due to the cost of repairs does not cover the benefits gained from the system.

I called ECOmatic and spoke with Leo. He told me he would send out the o-rings under warranty since it was just over the 2 years.

2 Year Warranty

Monday, July 14th, 2008

I called Paddock and spoke with Andrew about the problems with the pool. He said a tech would be out on Wednesday, July 16.
He notified me that the 2 year warranty was up as of 03-2008. I wonder where they got that date because the actual completion date was 04-26-2006 per Ed Ghiz.

He told me there will be a $65.00 service charge for the repairs.


Saturday, August 25th, 2007

DSC00015Took some pictures of the deck.
Lifting in many places. Almost every concrete relief has moved.

One out of three – not bad

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Kelly Sharp was out today to replace the filter pump. It seems that there is a short somewhere in the wiring and he called for the electricians to come out and look at it, hopefully soon.

The waterfall pump turned out to be the return dump was on, so that was corrected.

They were out of salt, so they will reschedule.

One out of three – not bad.

No Salt Still

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Still no salt or waterfall.

Deck Dirty

Friday, April 20th, 2007

The deck still has white stuff in it. I also tried to scrub it off but I think it is now a part of the deck. I am going to just leave it this way. I am afraid if it is repaired something else might go wrong. The heater is working and is heating the water. Everything seems to be up and running so far. Salt will be added next month.

Another Stain

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Debbie Moles called and said that Prado and Sons along with Kelly Sharp would be out this morning to finish up on the footprint.

She called back a short time later and said they were done and were able to remove the print by more heat and sanding. They wanted to start refilling the pool. I told her that would be fine and I would look at it as soon as I returned home. Kelly would retun on Wednesday to see how it was going.
I looked at the step and the footprint is gone for now. They did not start the water into the pool yet. I did notice another stain under the waterfall where the cleaning system jet must have leaked some acid onto the plaster. I give up. They fix one thing just to make another.


Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Kelly Sharp with Paddock Pools showed up along with a diver to fix the main drain and cleaning jets. He also replaced the filter air bleed and pressure gage due to it was allowing air back into the system. They also blew out a chunk of plaster from the main drain, it is no longer plugged. The gate to the pool area was adjusted so it closes now.
Dave with Aqua Torque came out and looked at the footprint etched into the step. He tried blending it with the surrounding area, but was ineffective. He said they might be able to remove it by draining and burning it off with acid. But he could not guarantee it would work. The other areas in the plaster that are stained or rough can be fixed.
Fiberstar looked at the fiber optics falling out of the waterfall. He would have to get in contact with the installers to see if they had any stronger glue to hold it in. If not they may have to redo the optic in the water feature.
I asked Kelly Sharp if he knew when they were going to fix the stucco on the face of the waterfall. He did not know. I mentioned that the pool heater would not heat and that it freezes over even when it is warm outside. I also told him that all work has to be completed before this years swimming season. He would not commit to a time frame. So I am going to make my own. If the pool repairs are not complete before March 31, 2007 I am turning everything over to lawyers to battle it out. Unfortunately as soon as lawsuits are filed all work stops till settled but not much work has been done anyway.

In Person

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

I went down to Paddock Pools to ask them in person when the repairs would be done. I met with Debbie Moles and she said that a diver and Kelly Sharp would be out on Wednesday 01-24-2007 at 10 a.m. to fix the cleaning jet and main drain.
David Lafferty would be out also to look over the interior finish. He would let them know if it is a warranty issue or not. Prado has told them that they do not think that the stains and footprint are from their installation of the interior.


Thursday, January 11th, 2007

Debbie Moles called at 11 a.m. and said she was setting up a schedule for the repairs. She had to coordinate with Fiberstar, David Laferty – pool interior – and a diver for the drain. She will call me back with a date for them to be out.


Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

At 10:30 a.m. I called paddock and talked with Charlette. She told me that Debbie Moles would be handling the warranty work and will have her call me right back.
6:30 p.m. nobody returned my call.


Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Still no news about the repairs to the drain or anything else for that matter. Another week gone by, I guess I will have to go and remind them again.

This weeks problems

Friday, December 15th, 2006

DSC00032Charlette returned my call. She said that Gillespie will be out today to fix the heater if they can.
I told her about the other problems I am having with the pool.
1) The main filter pump looses prime every now and then.
2) Air constantly blowing out the returns.
3) PCC cleaning system blowing air and very noisy.
DSC000364) PCC head in deep end broken.
5) Diving board base has rusted.
6) Main drain still plugged.
7) Plaster still stained and footprint on first step.
8) Caulk line above waterline tile, gap.
I forgot to tell her about the pool gate not closing.

She told me that Kelly Sharp will be out on Tuesday 12-19-2006 to fix the PCC head and look at the diving board and filter pump. He will also look at the plaster to see what can be done.
I told her that I had received a quote to repair the stucco on the waterfall. I had spoken with Edward Ghiz and Debbie Moles and we had agreed that since Poco Verde was no longer allowed on property, I could have it repaired from another source. She asked that I fax them a copy of the quote.
She said that the waterline caulk was usually a one time courtesy repair and that had already been done but she would see if they could do it again.

I went down to Paddock Pools in Scottsdale AZ. to personally chat with them about the problems. They said that they would resolve all of them.

Another Week

Friday, July 7th, 2006

Another week has gone by and still no idea on what is going to happen with the main drain or stained plaster.

No Show

Saturday, July 1st, 2006

Heat pump repair never showed up this week.

Plaster Problem

Friday, June 30th, 2006

Prado and Sons and Gene with Paddock Pools came out to look over the stains in the pool. Since the ph level bounces around 8 the staining is expected. The footprint on the first step is from hydration and the dirt in the plaster is from the materials used to make plaster. Since the pool was plastered during a dust storm, it is considered an act of god. They are willing to try and buff the surface to remove the surface staining and drain the pool to the first step to try and remove the footprint. Gene is going to contact Debbie and then let me know what they are willing to do.
March 10, 2006 – plaster applied
March 13, 2006 – stains noticed along wok pot wall
March 21, 2006 – Prado said needs to be acid washed
March 29, 2006 – stains sanded
March 31, 2006 – complaint to BBB stains included
April 14, 2006 – Prado said needs to be acid washed
April 19, 2006 – Prado said needs to be acid washed
April 20, 2006 – complaint with ROC stains included
April 21, 2006 – acid washed
May 08, 2006 – tried to wire brush the stains
May 30, 2006 – stains still there
June 30, 2006 – Prado looked over stains

Wait till Fall

Monday, June 26th, 2006

Kimberly called to check if I had been contacted by the heater repair people. I told her that the last time I had heard from anyone was last week.
She said that they would like to wait till fall to repair the main drain. If they were to do an acid stack on the main drain, it would take 72 hours till anyone could swim. I asked her why they couldn’t do it now. The cleaning system wont work correctly and the bottom is staining worse than it already is. She will have to get with the service people to see if it can be done sooner. I asked her about the dirt staining that has been there since they installed the plaster. They have already acid washed it once. I have a footprint on the first step, dirt embedded into the plaster and streaks down the sides. The only thing the last acid wash did, was to make the plaster rough and splotchy. Wouldn’t it be better to fix the drain at the same time they have to fix the stained plaster? She said she would have to get with Edward about this and get back to me. She asked that I give her till Wednesday to call me and let me know what they are going to do.

No Show

Saturday, June 17th, 2006

Tile people called and said they can’t make it today. Will be here on Monday.


Monday, June 12th, 2006

DSC00004Kimberly called and said she had been told that the fiber optics had been repaired. We went outside and looked, but the fiber optics was still hanging out of the waterfall. She will call us back when she finds out what happened to the fiber optic people.

She called back and said they will be out within a few days to take care of the fiber optics.
I asked her about the tile people because the deck is lifting due to water seeping between the tile and deck. She will look into it and let me know when they will be out.

No Sat

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

Service tech. can’t make it on Saturday, will try for Tuesday.

Pool Completed

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

I met with Edward Ghiz, Debbie Moles, Bob and Chris from Poco Verde here. I tried to explain how the waterfall was supposed to look like. The one in their showroom has the waterfall set into a cantilever edge, hiding the sheer and lights from view. We looked over the pool and I explained the problems left to repair. Most all of the items had already been taken care of this week. All that is left is getting the fiber optics onto the remote, separating the color wheels for all the lights on the remote, fix the fiber optics falling out of the waterfall, and removing the white spacers on the wok pots. There is air getting into the filter system, causing it to loose prime, and he said they would fix that. One of the Jandy valves is malfunctioning also.
I showed him where the stucco on the face of the planter looked patched to me. Poco Verde offered to fix it but I refused, as they do not have a good track record with me on their repairs. Mr. Ghiz offered to have another contractor repair it and bill them the cost of the repair.
Mr. Ghiz said that the pool was complete and the rest is warranty work that they should have completed within a week.

No Show

Monday, April 24th, 2006

Rosa from Paddock Pools called and said that the pool deck people will not be able to make it out today.
Ron with Paddock added salt and started up the pool. He also cut down some of the pipes that were sticking up in the wok pots.

Week 56:

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Complaint filed with Arizona Registrar of Contractors.
On March 31, 2005 I contracted for a custom pool with Paddock Pools. It is now April 19, 2006 and they have yet to complete the pool.
I was forced to file a complaint with the R.O.C. on December 21, 2005 due to poor construction and they promised if I rescinded the complaint the pool would be completed shortly after February 15, 2006. I pulled the complaint and most of the items have been repaired.
Currently there are several items yet to finish.
1. Custom waterfall face stucco cracking. Many stucco patches to cover existing cracks. Stucco wall face looks poor, mismatched, and uneven.
2. Color wheels on main pool lighting not able to change separately by remote.
3. Fiber optic controller not on remote and color wheel not able to change separately by remote.
4. Gauge for waterfall pump not working. Explained – OK
5. Water leak at Jandy valve for one of the wok pot fountains.
6. Stains, paint and chips on pool deck.
7. Cleaning system not working correctly and plugged with construction material.
8. Fiber optic lines falling out of waterfall.
9. Wok pot water lines can be seen (pipes above nozzles)
10. Stains in pool plaster.
11. Concrete riser for wok pot # 3 not finished.
12. White spacers made from scrap pipe holding wok pots level. Needed?
Other problems keep arising as construction continues.

The pool was promised to be complete by April 19, 2006 by Edward Ghiz, Sr. Vice President, Construction Division.
I have a custom waterfall that has had to be rebuilt numerous times due to poor construction and was just refinished again this week. The waterfall face is just cosmetically poor due to mismatched stucco and with no cantilever edge to hide the sheer and fiber optics.
I feel the time it has taken to build this pool is way beyond a reasonable amount. I have made several concessions to try and expedite the work.

I would just like them to finish the work as promised with the quality and workmanship expected from Paddock Pools Construction Co.

DSC00262Ron with Paddock came out to start draining the pool. He also said that he would try and hide the pipes sticking out of the wok pots.
Paddock Pools, pool deck people came out to resurface the wok pot riser. He said he could texture it today and paint next week. Then when all the other work is done paint the entire deck and repair all the chips.

A List

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

DSC00231Prado and Sons came out to look over the perma-dirt stains in the plaster. He said they would need to drain the pool to acid wash it. I told him that we had thought that they were going to drain it last week or the week before. This is about the third time they have been by to look at this. He said it was the first he had heard about it. He would get back with Paddock on what to do next.
DSC00239Paddock came out to resurface the pool deck and repair the chips. He was under the impression that the pool had been completed. They power washed the deck and left.
Ron with Paddock came out to check on the cleaning system. He was wondering if it had been drained yet. I told him that Prado and Sons had shut down the cleaning system earlier today. He would get back with Paddock on what to do next.
DSC00248A couple of guys showed up to look at the tile. They said it was not due to their caulking but it looked as if the grout had run on the tile. They would see if they could clean it.
Poco Verde came out to touch up the paint on the waterfall.

Things that are yet to be completed:
1.Color wheels not able to change separately on main lighting.
2.Fiber optic controller not on remote and change color wheel separately.
3.Concrete riser for wok pot # 3 fiber optics not finished.
4.Gauge for waterfall pump broken.
5.Water leak at Jandy valve for one of the wok pots.
6.Stains and chips on deck.
7.Cleaning system plugged with construction material.
8.Fiber optic lines falling out of waterfall.
9.Wok pot water lines can be seen (pipes above nozzles)
10.Stains in plaster. (perma-dirt)

I called Edward Ghiz at 3:00pm and asked for him or a representative of Paddock Pools to come out and look at the pool. He stated that he had to leave for the Las Vegas office but would come out next week. He said he would call me back with a time to meet.

Complaint filed with B.B.B.
On March 31, 2005 I contracted for a custom pool with Paddock Pools. It is now April 19, 2006 and they have yet to complete the pool.
I was forced to file a complaint with the R.O.C. on December 21, 2005 due to poor construction and they promised if I rescinded the complaint the pool would be completed shortly after February 15, 2006. I pulled the complaint and most of the items had been repaired.
Currently there are several items yet to finish.
Other problems keep arising as construction continues.

These were promised to be complete by April 19, 2006 by Edward Ghiz, Sr Vice President, Construction Division.
I have a custom waterfall that has had to be rebuilt numerous times due to poor construction and was just refinished again this week.
I feel the time it has taken to build this pool is way beyond a reasonable amount. I have made several concessions to try and expedite the work.

I would just like them to finish the work as promised with the quality and workmanship expected from Paddock Pools.

Week 53: One Year and Counting

Friday, March 31st, 2006

Debbie Moles called and said that she set up a meeting for me at 12:30 with Scott Dilliam and possibly Gene from warranty. She said they plan to drain the pool on Tuesday so they can acid wash and re-grout the water line tile. I reminded her that in the town of Gilbert you need a permission to drain a pool. As per Gilbert from http://www.ci.gilbert.az.us/pw/pool-draining.cfm “The Town of Gilbert does not have a permitting process for swimming pool discharge. However, you still need to obtain approval by calling the Town of Gilbert Wastewater Section at (480) 503-6400.”
DSC00176The electricians came out and moved the ozone generator from the electrical conduit to the block wall where it will be more secure.
Scott Dilliam stopped by and I explained to him my total dissatisfaction with the way the project was going. It should not have been a complicated job. The pool and all the options were taken from their showroom pools. I told him I would no longer have any communication with paddock Pools until the job is finished. The time it is taking to complete this pool is a joke. He said he was not there to refute the claims and that everything would be taken care of as soon as possible.
I e-mailed this letter to dghiz@paddockpools.net , eghiz@paddockpools.net , dreiter@paddockpools.net , ngraham@paddockpools.net , and dmoles@paddockpools.net .

Dear Sir,

I was hoping to have a pool for my family finished by last summer. So far I am very disappointed in the service that I have received. It is now in the 53rd week and after one year; I still have no pool to swim in. I have been extremely patient and have tried to work with Paddock Pools to complete this project. After many months of anguish, I have come to the realization that this pool may not be completed by this swimming season again. The biggest problem that has been plaguing this job from the beginning is that someone will come out and look over a problem and then do nothing to fix it in a timely manner. Several promised completion dates have come and gone. I have no more patience with Paddock Pools. I have been told the delays are due to the exploding construction in the Phoenix area. I do not care that Paddock Pools has other jobs. If the other jobs are more than a year out, then they may have precedence over mine and are welcome to complete those first. If there are no other jobs more than a year out, than mine must be considered a top priority and completed first. If Paddock is incapable of finishing this job, then I need to know so that I can make arrangements to have the pool finished by another qualified contractor at Paddock Pools expense.

The superintendent should already be aware of all the unfinished items. At this time there are several things not complete with the pool that I am aware of.

Things that are yet to be completed:
1. Stucco lifting from waterfall wall.
2. Color wheels not able to change separately.
3. Fiber optic controller not on remote and change color wheel separately.
4. Grout on water line tile.
5. Concrete riser for wok pot # 3 fiber optics not finished.
6. Wok pot lines plugged and do not spray correctly.
7. Diving board set crooked.
8. Gauge for waterfall pump broken.
9. Water leak at Jandy valve for one of the wok pots.
10. Deck lifting in deep end house side.
11. Refill planter with dirt.
12. Paint back wall pillion caps.
13. Stains and chips on deck.

The main reason I chose Paddock Pools was that I did not want to be the superintendent of the project. I was under the impression that Paddock Pools was the best pool builder in the Valley and would not need my daily supervision while under construction. After many months of daily communications with very little progress, I will no longer be in communication with Paddock Pools until this project is complete and they are ready to turn over the pool to me. At that time, a representative for me or I will inspect the pool and either accept or reject it.

This has been an extremely stressful year. The errors made during construction and poor management of this project has turned what should have been an exciting addition to our family life into a nightmare. My wife no longer wishes to talk, hear, or look at the pool until it is complete. I spent extra money to have a heater so we would be able to swim over the winter months as promised but my pool is still not completed. As you can probably tell, I am a little upset about the way this is turning out. What in your opinion should I do next?

A full detailed explanation of this project can be read at my website http://www.pool.n7gtj.com .

I received a reply from E. Ghiz stating he will give me a drop dead deadline on Monday.


Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Called and left a message for Debbie Moles. She returned my call and set up a meeting with Scott for Friday.


Sunday, March 26th, 2006

Nobody showed up this weekend to work as promised.


Monday, March 6th, 2006

Poco Verde worked on waterfall and capped the front wall. They have yet to paint the waterfall front and wall caps. Debbie Moles faxed me a contract addendum verifying all work has been completed to this point. The addendum #74104 dated 02-23-2006 states:

The following issues have been fully completed and repaired to my full satisfaction.

1. The 3 walls rebuilt per original plan. (2 side walls and 1 back wall).
2. Risers behind wok pots concrete line repaired. Expansion joints filled.
3. Pipes for wok pots bubbler system centered in pots.
4. Planter wall rebuilt with rebar for extra strength.
5. Front fence rebuilt and painted.
Kooldeck touch up and fiber optic lighting will be completed after the interior finish is completed.

She is asking me to sign this so they can continue with the finish of the pool. I told her that they have yet to paint the waterfall wall and repair the Kooldeck, e-mail picture I sent her on February 22, 2006, at the water tile line. If they finish the interior they will have to paint at the waterline with water in the pool. She said she would call Scott and ask him about it.

Personal note: The date on the addendum is false. I received this addendum today. They have not completed the work stated. The 3 walls were rebuilt but the waterfall face, the 4th wall, has yet to be painted. The concrete lines have been repaired; they were never expansion joints, just poor workmanship. The risers are centered in the pots but the 3rd pot bubbler water line is kinked. Unknown if they will even work right. The planter wall was rebuilt with rebar, finally a true statement. The front fence is now been rebuilt to code but the rebar was just cut from the top so the caps could be placed onto it. Caps have not been painted yet. Their wording in the addendum is correct but not accurate.


Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

Debbie Moles called and left a message asking how things were going. I called and left a message that nothing was going.


Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Debbie Moles called and said that they are ready to plaster. She wants me to sign an addendum stating that everything is fine. She said that Scott had been out and the cracks are just surface cracks, nothing to worry about. I asked if he was looking at the same ones I saw. She will get back to me on this. I also told her about the water bib in the back that no longer works and that the construction crew has been using the neighbor’s water for their work. She stated that the fiber optics line for wok pot 3 will be put into flex conduit. They did not like to use flex due to it is hard to run the line inside it. (Like being poured inside concrete is easier to pull?) I e-mailed Debbie Moles the pictures of the cracks I saw.

I am sending you a couple pictures of the cracks I talked with you about on Wednesday. They are located on each side of the waterfall, flanking the sides of the tile.

The back hose bib that is connected to the automatic fill system is dead. I have not checked to see if it is the hose bib itself or if there is no water to that line anymore.

I also noticed where the waterfall meets the pool, the deck has chipped and cracked. I know these will be taken care of later when they come to finish the deck but I just wanted you to be aware of them.
So as I see it we are currently going to wait on the fiber optics for both the water sheer and the wok pot till after the pool has been plastered and filled. Then the deck and the wok pot base can be repaired, gate for equipment area re-hung, exterior yard wall capped and finished, planter refilled with dirt, salt system added, pressure gauge on cleaning system repaired, diving board, Jazz lighting controller, fiber optic controller and illuminator, and remote light/pump controller, will be installed at a later date barring any other problems don’t pop up.


Friday, January 13th, 2006

Debbie Moles called to let me know that the starting date would be Tuesday the 17th of January, so all work should be complete by February 15, 2006. She needed to get in touch with the ROC inspector to verify the complaint had been canceled. Scott and Bob would be out Monday to look over everything that needs to be redone. The wok pot risers would be started on Tuesday and the wok pot fountains would be complete by Wednesday. Demolition would start also on Tuesday.

Week 42

Thursday, January 12th, 2006

Debbie Moles called to let me know that the inspector for Paddock (Gene) was out today to look over the project. She stated the he agreed that the walls were the worst he had seen and needed to be replaced per plan. She offered 2 plans of action.
• Plan 1. Issue money back on the planter and offer a 2 year warranty.
• Plan 2. Fix it per plan with a 30 day extension for time needed to rebuild the planter and waterfall. After 30 days, they will pay $50.00 in cash per day in penalties up to $500.00. The 30 days do not include the time needed to plaster and the pool startup.
Both plans require I close the complaints with the R.O.C.
I asked her if the wall that needs the permit would also be included since it was cracking and falling down. She seems to think that would not be a problem but had to check with Nancy Graham and would let me know if it would extend the 30 day time limit.
I agreed to the second plan and she will fax me the addendum.
The wok pots and concrete risers will be fixed Monday or Tuesday.
The addendum will not include the side property wall due to it was not included in the ROC complaint. But they would fix it if needed.

Debbie Moles faxed over addendum #47525 that states 3 walls of the planter will be rebuilt to plan. They will have 4 weeks to finish the work.
I signed and faxed it back to her

Need Permit

Friday, January 6th, 2006

Debbie Moles called to let me know that the inspector would be out on Monday. I told her again about the front wall needing a permit. I called Barb Sicorin with the Town of Gilbert and she told me that I indeed needed a permit and inspection.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

Debbie Moles called to check status. I expressed to her how I thought the pool was coming along. I am extremely disappointed in the progress of the pool. We are no closer to finishing this project than we were 2 weeks ago. She would have Scott call me. A wall sub-contractor stopped by to take measurements for 2 sections of wall and 3 pillions. I told the sub that just 2 sections of raised wall in the middle of the fence run would look stupid, and he agreed. Scott Dilliam called and said that the city inspector had some issues. He had already made repairs to the heater and was working on the back wall. He stated that he had talked with the sub and that he would take the wall up 2 rows from the existing wall all the way down to the area past where the inspector had indicated. The wall would be taken care of by Paddock at no additional cost to me. He said that I should talk with the neighbor and see if it was ok with them to raise the wall.
Chris from Poco Verde stopped by to look at the wok pot fountain pipes. He said that he did not think they could be straightened due to the pipes entering the pots at the wrong area. He dropped off a one year warranty on work they performed.
Complaint filed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.
Complaint # M06-1230 and M06-1231


Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Filled out complaint paperwork for Registrar of Contractors. I drove down to Paddock and gave Debbie Moles a copy of what I was going to submit to ROC. I returned home to meet with Scott Dilliam and Chris from Poco Verde. They assured me that by December 9, 2005 most of the work would be completed and ready for inspection. The water sheer would be raised and the saltio tile would rest on the top of the sheer. The fiber optics, tile, wrought iron fence and waterfall should be complete. I called Debbie Moles and relayed the information I got from Scott. I talked with Bob Owens from Poco Verde, and told him about the quality issues they have.

Week 35

Monday, November 28th, 2005

Chris from Poco Verde called for an exit survey. I told him I was not at all happy with their performance. Plus I did not realize they were done since many things were not complete. The planter has not been water sealed. The tile is still 2” above the water sheer. Nail holes still not patched. Wok pots not placed. Basically the entire check list has not been completed.

Get it Done

Monday, November 21st, 2005

I spoke with Debbie Moles and informed her that nobody had been out to work since Thursday. She asked if I had met the new superintendent Kevin Thompson yet. She would make some calls and call me back on when they may start work again.
I e-mailed both David Reiter and Nancy Graham about the delays.
Received e-mail response from Nancy Graham:

Debbie in our Quality Assurance department monitor your job. Debbie has been working with Scott Dilliam and Bob at Poco Verde regarding all the repairs. Scott is making some repairs on the feature, Scott and Debbie want to make sure this is correct as it is not just a standard pool. Scott is waiting for Fiber Optics to make changes which happened last Thursday. Scott Dilliam will make sure all the pool is up to both our standards. looks like you are at the finishing phases.

Debbie advised me she has been in contact with you almost daily, anytime you have a custom design pool it can require more attention, it is more important to get it done correctly and make the changes at this point. Debbie also stated that we have had more than normal challenges with Poco Verde.

Debbie also said you have been very patient and we are truly sorry it has taken this long. Debbie will stay on this until it is done and you are 100%. Scott Dilliam is one of our best supervisors, he will also stay on top of making sure poco verde has to finish around the sheer as we can not get tile around planter wall then we can do tile work. We will stay on top of poco verde to make sure this gets done. You are literally weeks away from being completed.

Again we will stay in touch, Debbie will be checking with you and communciating as we committed to building you a beautiful pool. You do have very complicated pool (not out of our realm) but it does take time.



Debbie Moles called at 4:10pm and said that Poco Verde would be out on Tuesday. She stated that the pool would be ready for tile the first of next week. I reminded her that the waterline tile still needed to be redone due to the gap at the top of the wok pot bases, number 3 on the list of concerns, and the missing random tiles, number 4 on the list of concerns. I also pointed out that the water sheer was supposed to meet the 5” tile fascia, but they had left a 2” gap, number 7 on the list of concerns. Fix the concrete lines showing on the pot risers, number 6 on the list of concerns. She wanted to set up a meeting for me and Scott Dilliam. I told her that I have met with him several times and have left him lists and drawings to no avail. She will meet with him Tuesday and let me know what they are going to do. At this point I am so disappointed in the pool I just want it to be done.

Live With It

Sunday, October 30th, 2005

My wife and I looked at the current state of the pool, to be able to list what we would have to live with and what has to be changed.
Stuff we could live with: Just cause we want it done.
1.8” tile cap on planter wall. Not a full tile along the side and double tile across the front.
2.No bull nose tile used across the front. Giving a straight edge from the top of the waterfall to the face.
3.Planter side walls not lining up with the deck. The original idea was to have the stamped tile in the deck continue on the planter wall.
4.Planter rear wall now straight enough not to be as noticeable.
5.Crack in planter rear wall still seen but only from behind the wall on the equipment side.
Stuff that has us concerned must be fixed:
1.Planter still not water sealed. As promised by Poco Verde.
2.Pool main lighting set crooked.
3.Tile gap at wok pot risers.
4.No random decorative tiles installed as per plan.
5.Tile capping planter not set solid. Hollow beneath tile, will crack when stepped on.
6.Risers behind Wok pot risers have concrete line where concrete was added.
7.Waterfall set too low in wall. Water was to exit just below top tile.
8.Waterfall fiber optics placed wrong.
9.Waterfall, planter front wall, has nail holes visible.
1. Waterfall is not a rain style.

The Wall

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

Work on the wall continues. Backyard interior wall that Poco Verde replaced was painted white.
Talked with Debbie Moles and told her about my concerns on the uneven planter wall. She called back around 1:40 and said that Scott Dilliam and Chris from Poco Verde would be out around 2:30 to 3:30 to discuss the problem with me.
At 2:30 Poco Verde showed up and I showed him the drawing I had verses the current layout. The equipment wall not level, tile only 8” wide on the side wall tops, the waterfall 1 brick row below the top, the fiber conduit way below the waterfall, and that the planter had not been fully sealed. He said they would seal the planter today, talk with Scott about the placement of the waterfall and conduit, and level the top of the equipment wall with stucco. Redo the stucco on the planter before painting it and then painting it around Friday. He said that Poco Verde would warrantee the wall from further cracking, and if it did crack they would repair it. I asked for this in writing and he said he would get me a copy. He said he would have to check his drawings about the tile widths, capping the planter walls. The side caps were 8”, the same thickness as the bricks, and could not be larger due to the tile being too brittle to hang over. As for the waterfall cap, he could credit the cost if his drawings showed 2 rows. I told him I prefer 2 rows of tile as in the drawing I have. He was waiting for the fiber optics to be plumbed before he can set the wok pots.
An email showing the orig. pool layout pictures and current design was sent to Debbie Moles, at 4:00pm. :
Pictures 001, 002, and 003 are the original design pictures I received when we purchased the pool on March 26, 2005.
Picture pool was altered to the way it needed to be built due to diving pool specs, fitting it into yard, and visual appeal. Mr. Anderson and I reviewed the final plan on April 15, 2005.
Picture DSC00001, DSC00010, and DSC00011 Show the current progress.
Picture DSC00001 shows a couple of things. First the waterfall front does not continue onto the deck as shown in picture 001, where the tile lines up with the pool deck tile line. At this point I could live with that. The unevenness of the back wall.
Picture DSC00010 shows the tile layout. The side tile has been cut to wall thickness. The waterfall tile has not been cut yet.
Picture DSC00011 shows the waterfall is set too low into the wall. The water was to look as if it was just blow the tile. The electrical conduit is way to far from the sheer. Instructions for placing the lightbar can be found here:
If you need anything please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Week 27

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

Work on forming deck and wok pot areas.
9:00am Debbie Moles called to ask about progress. I told her that the framers had just left. I told her about the planter wall being stuccoed but still made of miscellaneous bricks. I also mentioned that the planter wall looked straight if you were really drunk. The pool heater still leaked, and the pump pads were still sunk in the dirt.
I did notice that the planter had been partially filled with dirt even though it had not been fully sealed. This raises future problems of water from the planter exiting thru the waterfall area.


Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

Called Lloyd Wilson at 7:15am and told him about the waterfall/wall concerns. He said he would come by and look at it. He came by about 9:30am.
At 9:10am Mike with Poco Verde called and left a message that they would not be out today due to a funeral.
Debbie Moles called at 11:22am and said that they would come by and form the deck today and pour on Monday. My wife told her she may need to talk with Lloyd first.
1:00pm a crew arrived to grade the deck area. They formed deck area short. Per plan shows deck out to the edge of the fireplace so that the security gate would bolt to the house. Deck stops in the middle of a window as framed now. Sidewalk from deck to existing patio was not framed as discussed on August 15, 2005. It was not listed on their plan.


Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

I met with Lloyd Wilson at 8:15am. I showed him the sinking pumps, missing planter foundation, and leaking heater. He would have someone out to fix the heater and see if they can level the pumps. He said Poco Verde would be out today to start on the wall. Poco would paint the wall because they were using standard bricks. He painted where the back planter wall would be located. The fiber optic people came by to look over the project. They will run their conduit, and then after all is done, set the illuminator and controls.
12:00pm, met with Craig from Poco Verde. We discussed painting the wall to match the house since it needed to be painted anyway. They started digging the foundation for the wall and removal of the unneeded foundation already poured. We went over the placement of the rear wall for the planter. The 5’ tall wall meets the existing back wall and extends past the planter, centering the 3’ planter. I gave him a copy of the overview picture. He said they should have the backyard wall done today or tomorrow securing the backyard.

No Show

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

I took off work to meet with new superintendent and wall contractor. Neither showed up as expected.


Monday, July 18th, 2005

11:30am Called Paddock Pools. David Reiter is out of town.
Called Shirley Thompson. She is out for the day.
Called Mike Maez. Left message.
Called Michael Duffy. Left message.
Called Nancy Graham – quality assurance. Left message.

2:00pm Called Nancy Graham again. Left another message.

2:15pm transferred to Lisa. She said Poco Verde shows the wall to be completed by 07-18-2005, today. She is calling them to find out when it will be completed and call me back. They did not receive the plans from engineering until mid June. The original holdup was from paperwork and permits in the beginning.

2:38pm Bob Owens from Poco Verde called. He has no paperwork releasing funds for the project. Collecting info on the job, was wondering if we were to pay direct. He did not show adding the wall that was removed. He also had questions about the wall surfaces and tile. I reminded him the waterfall needed to be a retaining wall.

2:58 Nancy Graham called. Said Poco Verde has all paperwork needed to start. Will have wall started Monday 07-25-2005. I requested a schedule in writing on when the pool is to be completed. She will get me a copy ASAP. She noted they have been very busy and demand is high. Pool should take 12 weeks to complete. She said we had requested that the wall be installed before digging, I told her that was not the case, and just that it would be easier for Poco Verde to rebuild the wall before the hole was dug.

4:12pm Nancy Graham called with schedule. 07-19-2005 – will be out to re-lay the line. 07-20-2005 – Mike Maez will be out to check layout. 07-22-2005 – excavating will begin. 07-25-2005 – Poco Verde will be out to put back up the wall. Once excavating is complete, poll will be finished in 12 weeks. She is e-mailing me a copy of the schedule.

Received e-mail from Nancy Graham:

I would like to thank you for your on going patience and also apologize for the delays, we want to build you a beautiful pool that you and your family will be proud of for years to come.

I would like to go over the schedule with you at this time. I will give you a time line it is a tentative time line pending any weather, permit delays.

We will re-lay the pool out on 07/19/05
Mike Maez with do a layout check on 07/20/05
excavation on 07/22/05
wall put back up on 07/25/05

at that point it will be released for the next phases, please be aware that there could be several days between each phase each coordinator will schedule the next phase please refer to your construction guide if you have any questions, please allow 12 weeks from the date we excavate this pool for the completion. If we do not meet complete your pool within that time we will penalize ourselves $50.00 each day we go past the 12-weeks with a maximum of $250.00 will be awarded to you in a gift certificate.

This is our way of showing our commitment and dedication to you. I will check with you during the process and appreciate your on going patience.



Week 16

Friday, July 15th, 2005

4:35pm Left message for David Reiter. Yard is still not secured, have not heard from anyone about the progress. Pool layout lines are fading. I do not see how construction will be completed by the middle of August.

Whats Up?

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

9:30am – Message from David Reiter, would try to get something going.

2:30pm – Left him a message to call me back.

2:45pm – Returned my call. Stating the plans will be out of engineering today. Will e-mail status on 6-2-2005.

Should have Canceled

Sunday, May 29th, 2005

Sent e-mail to Paddock Pools. Wondering what is the status of the pool. One copy to online help at their website, another copy to dghiz@paddockpools.net.

The letter in part read:

I am seriously considering canceling the agreement. It seems to me that you are not interested in building my family’s pool. I see your advertising constantly asking for new customers, but when you get one, you don’t seem to care enough to follow though with the job. You boast that since 1958 you’ve been listening to your customers needs. Well my needs are to have a pool constructed in a timely manner and informed about its progress. I deal with contractors daily and know that schedules are hard to keep and business is booming. But I also know that word of mouth can destroy reputations. I have tried to be patient. As you can see all communications had to originate from us. Not once was I contacted and informed of any problems or design issues. If there is a problem I would be more than happy to try and solve it.
I would like to meet with someone and try and resolve these issues. First I would like to request a different salesperson. I would like to meet with someone in authority to guarantee that this project would be expedited in writing. A schedule of when the pool is expected to be started and completed. And, if possible, the status of the project as of now. As for right now I have to explain to my wife and kids why they will have to wait till next year to swim.
Thank You,

Continue or Not

Saturday, May 28th, 2005

I received an e-mail from Mr. Anderson apologizing for the delay. He informed me that you were resolving the delay with the project. If I wished, we could continue with the project and it would be expedited. Or I could choose to cancel the agreement and the deposit returned to me. At this time he is waiting for my decision.

Week 9

Friday, May 27th, 2005

Over 8 weeks have now passed and I am still unsure of the progress of the pool. I return to Paddock Pools on Thomas rd. Mr. Anderson was not available so I again spoke with Mr. Roderick. He thought that everything had been taken care of. I told him that after 9 weeks I figured that something would have been done to start the pool. He could not tell me the status at that time.

At this time I was starting to get upset about how unconcerned everyone is about my purchase. There are several pool companies out there that would like to have my business. Mr. Roderick told me he would have Mr. Anderson contact me.

Week 8

Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

I drove to the Paddock Pools on Thomas rd. and asked to speak with Mr. Anderson to find out the status of the project. He was not in at the time and I was referred to Dan Roderick, Residential Division Sales Manager. He was unable to tell me the status of the pool and called Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson arrived shortly and told me that everything was being done as soon as possible.


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